Farm Stand

The farmstand was built with entirely scavenged materials from local trash nights. It is composed of a desk with an angled pallet attached and some scrap wood for the roof and sides. The only tools required were a jigsaw, a drill and screws.

Twig Fence

This fence is made of scavenged branches and twigs from folks' yard waste and fallen timber from nearby woods. This year we hammered plywood sections into the ground to prevent soil runoff into the sidewalk.

Pea Trellis

Made of new materials, the pea trellis was constructed with two metal 7-foot posts which were surprisingly easily slid into the ground-- no digging necessary! We then cut two pieces of wood fit to the distance between the posts for the top and bottom to secure twine vertically. Secure more twine horizontally between the two posts and you've got a grid!

Wire fences

The posts are 4-foot sections of 1x1 wood with small holes drilled at equal intervals. Through the holes goes the metal wire and you've got an easy-to-build fence!

This Website

This site costs a mere $12 per year through Google Domains and no knowledge of HTML or coding is needed! You can just make text boxes, upload photos and all the behind-the-scenes work is done for you! So if you're thinking about making your own website, go for it-- it's cheap and easy!